An office relocation project, while perhaps being a crucial step in the progression of your company, rarely comes hindrance-free. Stress and disruptions are commonplace throughout, and as such findings ways to minimise this whilst also taking care to pay attention to the wants and needs of your workforce can provide substantial assistance in ensuring the project and its aftermath goes smoothly. The following advice should help you keep your staff happy, comfortable, motivated and helpful as you make the move into a new space.

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Include Your Team throughout the Project

Moving your workforce into an undesirable space which accommodates few of their wants and needs is no way to inspire confidence and motivation. To avoid this issue altogether, take the opinions of your staff into account as you press on with the project. Your employees can offer value at each stage, whether that be the logistics of the move itself, the features and design of the new office, or keeping the business running as best as possible around the disruption caused by the project.

Not only will consulting your workforce possibly improve the end result, it will also work wonders in making your employees feel valued and appreciated, increasing job satisfaction and productivity in the long run. The benefits of staff involvement are numerous in this regard and should not be overlooked.

Proper Planning is of Paramount Importance

Going in blind is never a good idea, simply put. Planning out the project beforehand is crucial if you are to achieve your desired results while attempting to minimise disruptions, stick to schedule, and keep your business operating all at the same time.

Planning is important at each and every stage, not just during the move itself. For example, it is always wise to plan your project around any large contracts or surges in workloads, otherwise you’re just asking for trouble as your workforce scrambles to keep up with demand around the rigours of an office move. Think about what equipment can be moved when, and provide staff with the flexibility they need. Business as usual should continue where possible, but there will be disruptions, and planning around that could be the difference between your project being a success, or costing you a fortune for very little gain.

Bring in the Experts

You wouldn’t ask a baker to build you a car, so why would you ask an accountant to orchestrate your office move? As mentioned previously, there is definite value in listening to the opinions of staff members, but there is also value in the wisdom and experience of professionals, so why not make use of it? By bringing in a specialist office designer, you can rely upon their knowledge to some degree to help ensure the project runs smoothly. While you may eventually get there without the extra assistance, their experience with provide a level of efficiency and overall quality that would be difficult, costly, and slow to achieve without their input.

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