Working in an office comes with a daily commute to and from your place of work. For a lucky few, the journey is a walk or cycle ride away, however many face a long train journey, bus commute or car drive which are far from the most enjoyable hours of the day. The stress, rush and painfully early start of a work commute makes many unhappy and unmotivated by the time they reach the office, however there are ways to make it a more pleasant experience.

Don’t be late

A London train platform during the morning rush-hour is an unpleasant place, and for some, there’s no avoiding it. Despite the early starts making you walk like a zombie until you’ve had your morning coffee, set an alarm that ensures you set off from home with plenty of time in case of just-your-luck delays or line closures. Running for trains is not only exhausting at 8:30am, but also embarrassing, dangerous and stressful, so ensure you’re giving yourself plenty of time to avoid this.

Be productive

If you’re transport mode of choice is public transport - and you’re lucky enough to get a seat - use the duration of your commute productively. Preserve your energy and relax as a way to ensure you’re well rested by the time you get to the office. Or alternatively, go through emails or today’s schedule on your mobile device to get in the best mind-set for the day ahead and avoid time-wasting once you arrive at work.

If you make your own way into work by car, checking emails while behind the wheel isn’t the smartest move for your own safety. As a way to relax and make traffic jams less irritating, listen to your favourite song to put you in a positive mood. Many also recommend listening to podcasts or audio books, as a way to focus and feel inspired on their commute; audio books are softer on the ears than loud chart hits blaring through your speakers at the crack of dawn.

Get out in the open

An office job comes with a lot of sitting down during the day: being desk-bound day-in-day out, as well as sitting on a  bus, train or car means your work days are unlikely to be filled with physical activity – unless you’re a keen gym-goer. Get active by parking a few streets away or hopping off the bus a few stops before your usual one and walk the rest of the way. The fresh air is likely to wake you up and ensure you arrive at work energized.

If you still find yourself on a stressful and unhappy commute…

Look for an alternative commute. Go a different more scenic route by car or choose a different mode of transport all-together if you can’t face the Underground rush another day. Ask around to see if a colleague takes a similar route and travel together by car-share; this will save you both money and bring company and conversation. Making a change in how you get to work will be refreshing and could make you happier. 

Laura Sewell

An aspiring journalist, Laura is our content writer intern.  Pop-punk gig-goer and drag queen enthusiast, Laura is working her way into the industry with an English A -Level and love of writing about anything and everything in tow.
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