The skyline of San Francisco has been steadily changing over recent years, and no single project exemplifies that more than the rise of Salesforce Tower. At a staggering 1,070 feet high, Salesforce Tower is the tallest building in San Francisco, or in fact anywhere in the U.S west of Chicago.

Last Thursday was a monumental moment for the construction team, designers and developers behind the project, as they celebrated the laying of the final beam atop the tower in a ceremony known as ‘topping off’. As per tradition, the final beam was signed by all those who worked on the tower during its construction, blessed by religious leaders, and bound to a cedar tree before it was raised into place.

The 61-storey tower prides itself on putting the health and wellbeing of staff members first, creating an environment in which they can work happily, healthily, and to their full potential. The inspiring aesthetics of the building will be finished off with the addition of a ‘crown’ of glass and metal, according to Clark Construction, the firm responsible for the project.

Speaking of his moment of inspiration walking the streets of San Francisco as the Transamerica Pyramid was still under construction, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said, “I remember my grandfather telling me this was the new face of San Francisco going up.”

The building of his company’s namesake seems to be carrying on that mantra.

Ahead of its final completion and eventual opening, over 70% of the tower’s usable space has already been leased. Salesforce themselves will occupy the bottom 30 floors, as well as the top 2, with other tenants including Bain & Co., and Accenture Plc.

Tenants are expected to begin moving in by the end of this year.

You can keep up to date with the construction progress of Salesforce Tower here.

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