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Office design is developing, offering new and exciting work spaces for both individuals and groups of employees. Sleep pods, secluded meeting rooms, lounges – all offer an alternative space to the traditional desk, whether it’s for work or a recharge. The importance of employee health and happiness is at the forefront of many office designs, all focusing on productivity.

We’ve already examined the growing trend of sleep pods, where employees are encouraged to nap at work in a set-time with adjustable settings, instead of drinking endless cups of coffee to boost productivity. Reset Pods have been introduced by UNStudio to take breaks even further, offering the opportunity to meditate or make noise to reduce stress in the office.

Img: UNStudio
The pods are described as being ‘fully immersive’ and featuring ‘scientifically proven stress reduction methods in a playful and interactive way’, as the UNStudio’s website explains. Exhibited in the ‘Work 3.0 – A Joyful Sense at Work’ exhibition in Milan, the RESET (Responsive Emotional Transformation) pods provide both active and passive activities including visual sensory walls and drum kits for relaxation, or ways to release feelings of stress.

The founder of UNStudio Ben van Berkel reveals he thinks pods will be the norm in offices in two years’ time, after discovering that stress-related illnesses cost the US $300 billion, and the EU around €20 billion per year.

Both Van Berkel and Scape founder Jeff Polvo worked alongside scientists to test the effectiveness of the pod’s activities on the brain. They believe that the pods will ultimately allow employees health and happiness to measured, which eventually reflects productivity.

“We’re not saying that pods alone can solve the problems of a stressful work environment, but they can help,” says van Berkel.

The pods are sound-proof so drum or scream away – no fellow employees will be disturbed while you let out any stress or worry; others are made for sleeping or resting, with similar effects to those which Sleep Pods provide.

Healthy food, environments, and facilities like Reset Pods look to ultimately reduce illness absences and therefore boost productivity and success. So, do you think your office would benefit from banging a drum or having a nap during lunch hour? Read more about the pods on the UNStudio website.

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