In an increasingly health-conscious world, gyms are arguably more popular than ever. Social media is filled with fitness aficionados and motivational memes, and even our workplaces are increasingly opting to include such facilities as part of their own offering. So, what are the advantages of providing your employees with an on-site gym, both in terms of the individual and the business?

Improved Health

Granted, this benefit is a somewhat obvious one, but still certainly worth mentioning. Regular exercise will not only improve your physical strength and stamina, but it can also help to fight against daily fatigue and improve health in general by reducing body weight (within reason, of course). On top of that, studies have highlighted a possible link between regular exercise and a strengthened immune system, resulting in less sick days for your staff members.

Boosted Happiness and Morale

To get the most out of any workforce, motivation and morale are of vital importance. By reducing stress and boosting energy, regular exercise will help to maintain a happy and productive environment in the office.

Added Convenience

More a bonus for the employee than the employer, but a bonus none-the-less, the added convenience of an on-site gym at work will encourage more of your workforce to use them as compared to a typical gym membership. The benefit to your business here is that if more of your staff members are using such facilities, the impact of the advantages listed throughout this article will be more pronounced. Studies have also in the past linked a morning or lunch-time workout with increased productivity in the following hours.

Lower Costs

Another aspect sure to keep your workforce happy is the reduced costs associated with the use of an on-site gym provided by the company as compared to a typical gym membership. Not only will this encourage more people to use said facilities, it will also make them happier in the knowledge that it’s not costing them an arm and a leg.


The social aspect of an on-site gym, facilitating conversation and building friendships between colleagues, is actually more important than you may realise. Meaningful relationships with those with whom you work will help in terms of job satisfaction and enjoyment, as well as overall happiness and mental health.

Incentivise and Retain Staff

Workplace perks are a great way to attract staff to your company, and keep them in the long run. Simple additions such as a gym, while maybe not obvious in their business-boosting potential, can have a knock-on effect throughout the company because of this ‘lure’ effect, ensuring that your business can attract the best people for the job. The added social aspect will also help staff to create friendships which may encourage them to stay with the company.

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