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Incentives or work perks are great; they could be as simple as free tea, coffee or lunch, or group days-out or team-building activities. Even medical plans, life insurance and holidays are offered by top companies, looking to ‘give-back’ to employees, making their company a great place to work.

Maybe your boss will take you and some others out for a drink after a hard day’s work; what you wouldn’t expect though, is alcohol served to your actual desk at the end of the day. But a new office development in Soho, London, will offer just that, with ‘Press for Champagne’ buttons a few inches from your computer screen.

The £100 million five-star development on Beak Street, Soho will install the buttons for employees to press if they fancy a celebratory glass of something to finish their work-day. The idea’s inspired by popular glamorous Soho restaurant Bob Bob Ricard, famous for having the buttons in every dining booth, as pictured above.

The Standard reports that the workers in the new building will be able to order champagne, cocktails and even caviar from the ground-floor Sushi restaurant Sticks’n’Sushi, the orders being delivered to the relevant floor by dumbwaiter lifts.

Director at architects Stiff + Trevillion, Michael Stiff, says: “The design of 40 Beak Street is steeped in the heritage of Soho. Everything from the glazed brick elevation to the door handles will be unique to this building. We know Enstar Capital want their developments to be exemplary: 40 Beak Street is no exception, set in the heart of Soho. We have sought to produce a piece of architecture that celebrates this unique location. Enstar Capital have commissioned sculptor Lee Simmons to create a site-specific cast aluminum frieze and window surround for the new building.”

As for drinking in the office, many firms operate a lunch time ‘happy hour’ (or two) as a way to bring fun into the workday, but so far the Beak Street development has been reported to use the buttons as an after-work deal. If it’s a success, perhaps more companies will catch on to the luxury perk for their employees.

The champagne-on-demand offices are scheduled to be completed in March 2013, with the £15million construction already underway. Glass of bubbly anyone?

Laura Sewell

An aspiring journalist, Laura is our content writer intern.  Pop-punk gig-goer and drag queen enthusiast, Laura is working her way into the industry with an English A -Level and love of writing about anything and everything in tow.
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