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Collaboration – the word is now used so frequently in terms of office design that it almost sounds like a cliché, but there is a good reason as to why it keeps getting mentioned; it’s undoubtedly important. Open plan offices perfectly lend themselves to a social and interactive approach to the working day, improving productivity when group tasks require completion, and helping to foster genuine positive relationships among colleagues. All of this is clearly known to Dutch brewing company Heineken International, who have recently redesigned their headquarters in the USA specifically to promote such social aspects of office life.

The headquarters, located at 360 Hamilton Avenue in White Plains, New York, consolidated Heineken offices from two other locations into one. Spector Group, the primary interior architect for the project, focused specifically on the enhancement and densification of the existing space and the expansion of the bar and social zones as they proceeded with the redesign. Spector Group Principal Scott Spector said of the redesign project, “Creating an open and collaborative environment was our primary goal for Heineken’s new office design.”

The dedication to socialisation is evident throughout the redesign. The dedicated office spaces have been converted to meeting rooms and collaborative areas for team projects, casual breakout spaces have been created at the base of the primary stairway, and a new, centrally-located café aims to promote a sense of community among the workforce. However, it is in the entrance and lobby that the Heineken brand truly shines through.

Upon entering, staff and visitors and staff find themselves surrounded by simple raw materials perfectly accented via the incorporation of modern design elements. The area includes a bar (of course it does, this is Heineken after all), an “insperience” hub, and an aesthetically pleasing reception area. Large interactive screens complete the design, which has been created specifically to highlight Heineken’s innovative company culture, as reported by BDC Network.

Ron Siesser, Senior Director of Human Resources at Heineken USA, asserted that the completed headquarters redesign reflects the company’s “commitment to being a social, communal, and, most important, fun portfolio of brands.”

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