In an office environment, proper design is of vital importance. Not only will a well-designed office appeal to visitors and potential customers, it will also boost the morale of those working within on a regular basis. However, whilst many realise the importance of a visually-pleasing office interior, the exterior aesthetics of the building are often overlooked when selecting a premises in which to base a business. That may just be a mistake.

The exterior aesthetics and architecture of your selected premises will be the first introduction to your brand for many visitors, and as such it is essential that this sends the right message about your company. Poorly-maintained premises may suggest to customers that your business practices could follow suit, and that is not a thought you want entering their mind.

However, the best option for one company may not be the same for your own; your chosen industry is a major factor. While a publishing company or an academic institution may be best placed in a visually-striking yet older building, hinting at the heritage and longstanding nature of such businesses, an app developer for example will likely benefit more from something a little more modern.

High-rise skyscrapers have become the symbol of modern business for a reason; their sleek, metallic, and borderline futuristic aesthetic presenting the image of modernity and innovation from the offset. This is perfect for businesses such as technology companies, investment firms and the like.

If your business focuses more heavily on creative endeavours, the architecture of old may better serve your image. Around London for example, there are countless older (yet far from run down) office buildings displaying some incredibly artistic architecture from various historical periods, granting your business a little more character than the modern options, which are criticised by some for feeling cold and clinical.

Overall, whilst for most the choice of building is unlikely to be a life or death decision for most businesses (providing you at least ensure a certain standard in terms of cleanliness and build quality), giving a little extra thought to the premises in which you choose to locate may be the final piece of the puzzle, helping your business stick in the mind of visitors and customers alike.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor in an attempt to expand his horizons.
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