In a move expected to create up to 1,000 new jobs for the local community, permission has been granted by Crawley Borough Council’s Planning Committee to begin work on a new state-of-the-art office building in Manor Royal.

Img: Crawley Borough Council
The plan is to replace the existing Swift House, Kingfisher House, and Sackville House, each located at Northwood Park off Gatwick Road, with the new three- to five-storey office building.

The office building will be situated next to the Kia Motors Showroom, and would incorporate external louvres in order to enable the control of sunlight levels reaching into the offices, as well as vertical climbing plants to give the building a ‘green aesthetic’. These plants would also further help with maintaining a comfortable temperature within the building itself, as discussed in our previous article on innovative temperature control techniques. Beyond that, exact details on the project are scarce at present.

A report released by councillors relating to the matter concluded that, “The proposal would represent a significant contribution towards economic growth and increased employment in Crawley, in accordance with adopted planning policy. The proposal would intensify use of the site and cater for around 1,000 full time equivalent jobs.”

Council officers further stated that the building is considered to be of a “high quality design which would make a very positive improvement to the Gatwick Road street scene.”

Permission was given for the project despite the council receiving 7 letters of complaint related to the development, citing concerns including the sheer scale of the building, as well as potential parking issues, increased traffic, and escalating noise levels, as reported by the Crawley Observer.

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