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As previously discussed on 1850 Thoughts, employee and office temperature is difficult to get right in a way that ensures everyone is comfortable.  The evolution of open-plan office layout has worsened this, with temperature tricky to control over a large, open space. While most offices use air-conditioning or heating systems, fans, radiators etc. Personal Comfort Systems have chosen the humble office chair as a temperature-control facility – talk about multi-purpose.

An office chair is where you’ll likely spend the majority if your day. The material and design of the chair affects your comfort, body temperature, health and ultimately, your productivity while at work.  The Hyperchair from Personal Comfort Systems aims to make 100% of office employees at optimum thermal comfort with personal heating and cooling controls.

The chair is at the height of office furniture technology, with WiFi and Bluetooth which connects to your smartphone to control the temperature of the seat, or users can use the on-chair controls. The chair goes ever further in that it can adjust the seat and back differently – so if you wanted to, you could cool your back while warming the seat, and vice versa.

Img: Personal Comfort Systems
Despite coming at a hefty cost at $1,000-$1,500 each, the creators say it’ll save energy costs in the long run:

“When we’re talking to big corporate users, they can relax the temperature set point a little bit, and even a small amount of relaxing the temperature gives you big energy savings. If you relax it a couple of degrees, what you're going to find is a 5% to 10% energy savings on the heating and cooling system," Founder and CEO of Personal Comfort Systems Peter Rumsey tells Fast Company.

“There might be a surge in electric prices on a hot afternoon, and so it sends the signal, ‘Hey, let’s use the chairs more today because we’re going to turn down the air-conditioning unit.'”

As the chairs are about heating the individual and not the entire rooms, the days of thermostat debates could come to an end if the Hyperchair catches on.  Currently, Personal Comfort Systems are only offering the chair to large companies, but they hope to sell them individually in the future. 

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