Interior design trends are ever-changing, and when looking to design a space, there are specific styles set in stone to take inspiration from. While some styles root from different global regions, other focus on shape, line and texture; here’s a run-down of a few of the most popular styles.


Traditional interior design style roots from European tastes, incorporating class into furnishings and shapes. Generally, dark woods are used in furniture, often decorated with elaborate patterns into them. Colours tend to be rich and luxurious with the deep woody hues, with fabrics such as velvet and silk thrown in to contrast and layer with the wood.


While traditional design appears quite old-fashioned, contemporary design is on the opposite end. Contemporary design is anything that’s current or up-coming in design at present. In comparison to ‘modern’ design, contemporary is a more fluid version, where anything current falls under the category, whereas modern is more adhered to one style, in one time period (20th century onward).


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Minimalist design is stripped-back modern, with neutral colour palettes with the use of a lot of white, black and grey and little ornaments or decoration. Simplicity is the main idea, with no fuss or flamboyance, just clean-cut lines and block colour. Any patterns are likely to be gridded or stripes, and there is often a pop of bright colour in some aspects of design.


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Industrial interior design styles take inspiration from warehouse and building industries. With mixes of materials like exposed brick and pipes, wood and metals, the appearance is often raw and gritty, and when furnished with modern soft furnishings, a contrast is created.  


Scandinavian design is similar to Minimalist in that simplicity is present, however extra design features, artwork and patterns are incorporated more. Inspired by the simple life demonstrated in Nordic countries, the neutral colour palette in angular white base furniture with additions of colour and soft textures like furs, as well as greenery and indoor plants create a look similar to a typical Ikea showroom.

Art Deco

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Art Deco originated in France and has become highly popular in Western Europe and the United States, being a decorative style with patterns, geometry and rich metallic colours. Mirrored and tiled surfaces, curved edges and dark colours are popular with art deco, giving a luxurious appearance.  Art Deco design is present in many major New York City skyscrapers, namely the Chrysler Building and the Empire State.

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