Office design is an ever-evolving field, and each year a new set of hot-topic trends emerges within the industry. Keeping up to date with all the supposed best practices can be both daunting and time-consuming, but luckily we’re here to break it down. So, let’s begin with the emerging trends expected to have the greatest impact throughout 2017.


Regimented working conditions are a thing of the past. Modern workers require flexible, adaptive environments if they are to function at peak-potential, rather than the cubicle-style offices of old. Tried-and-tested concepts such as hot-desking are expected to become more prevalent, along with a rise in the use of modular soft seating/work stations, breakout furniture, meet-point tables and desk pods.

Integrated Technology

With wireless electronic devices now commonplace, and ever more aspects of the working day becoming reliant on technology in order to properly operate, the rise of integrated technology is an expected and logical trend. In order to further facilitate the flexible working environment as mentioned above, additions such as wireless charging stations, built-in power adapters and multimedia capabilities will be an increasingly common sight in offices throughout 2017 and beyond.

Plant-life Preferences

We’ve written before about the valuable benefits of plant life in the office, but when it comes to particular design elements, people get picky. The preferred plant-life for 2017 includes air plants, due to the ease of maintaining such greenery, and succulents, famed for their diverse and interested shapes. Both air plants and succulents are robust, hardy, and long-lived - a major contributor to their popularity in offices.

Going Green

In this context, ‘going green’ refers not to the eco-conscious decisions all business operators should be making, but rather the colour. Much research has been done into the psychology of colours and how they can affect our working lives, proving that a splash of colour can have a dramatic positive impact on your workforce. This year, colour experts Pantone have identified a specific shade of green known as ‘Greenery’ as the colour of 2017. A neutral shade closely linked to the biophilia hypothesis, ‘Greenery is described by Pantone as “a refreshing and revitalising shade, symbolic of new beginnings.”

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