Ceiling fans are built into new homes by default. For designers, fans are the kiss of death. Traditional fans, those with four or five blades, are considered unattractive and are largely ignored by the professional community. However, in recent years, nicer fans have been made that can be easily incorporated into high-brow interiors. This is amazing news, because fans are largely beneficial.

Fans save money and energy. The electronics industry has, in recent years, caught onto the energy-efficiency trend. Fans on the market today require less energy to run drawing about the same amount of energy as a standard 100W bulb. Even if a fan is left on all day, it’ll be no more costly than leaving the lights on. No matter the time of year, fans can be left on all year if the rotation direction can be toggled between clockwise and counterclockwise. Ceiling fans circulate air throughout the room, reducing the amount of energy used by air conditioners and room heaters. The circulation of air maintains a consistent temperature in the room.

-Summer: Summers will be much more bearable with ceiling fans installed. Rooms will be cooler as the air is well-distributed by the circulating fan blades. In buildings without air conditioning, fans work very well when coupled with an open window. Fresh air comes in through the open window and the fan pushes the cool air downwards. A cooler workplace will increase productivity as people will not be distracted by heat.

-Winter: Slowing the speed at which the fan spins and reducing the direction (clockwise) will circulate warm air trapped near the ceiling towards the floor. Heating costs over winter are reduced with the addition of ceiling fans. Take advantage of this energy-saving opportunity!

Ceiling fans are the most efficient cooling system – cost-effective to install and more efficient than standing fans. If it’s a toss-up between installing ceiling fans or a new air conditioning unit, go for the fans. They are cheaper to install and can be chosen to match office design. Air conditioning units, while lovely, are costly to run.

Choosing a model with a lighting feature will add light to the room. Usually fans will be located in the centre of the room, occupying valuable light space. If you’ve already decided to install a fan, why not choose one with a lighting feature.

Modern ceiling fans take design into account. Fan-makers must have realised that designers were passing on fans because of their unappealing exterior. Nowadays fans are made to fit all kinds of aesthetics, from industrial to beach house

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