When your to-do list is way too long, you can’t imagine anything worse than leaving your desk to enjoy your lunch. So instead, you’ll remain, with one eye on your sandwich and the other on your screen; there’s a sight. While lunch is the best part of the day for many – a well-earned break for your eyes and a boost in energy from your lovingly prepared packed-lunch – many workaholics eat at their desk, not making use of the especially-designed kitchen area in their office building. But is it good to eat lunch at your desk? In short – no, it’s not.

A survey from Forza Supplements revealed that if you ‘Eat Al Desko’ you’re more likely to eat fatty, unhealthy foods. Mindless eating comes into play here, where if you don’t take yourself away for a dedicated eating time where you’ll think more carefully about what you’re eating, you’ll likely end up snacking here and there continuously all-day. And these snacks won’t include the faff of a complex salad filled with beans and greens, the snacks will be ‘easy’ foods, like pre-packaged crisps, sandwiches and chocolates available from the vending machine down the corridor - no good for your health, productivity or waist-line.  

Another thing that won’t do your waist-line any favours is the fact that you’ll be sitting for longer. Yes, you may take that short trek to the fridge to retrieve your sandwich, or the vending machine for that Mars bar you really fancy, but you won’t make the effort to spend time making your lunch, or taking a walk to go buy it from a nearby supermarket etc. Things like sit-stand and even treadmill desks aim to battle the sedentary nature of office work, so perhaps if you’re a treadmill desk user, eating at your desk may be an okay option; however your multi-tasking skill level must be at expert to master it without ending up with a face-full of pasta salad.

Leaving your desk to eat in a communal area means you’ll get to socialise; staying at your desk makes you seem unsociable and a grump. Sure, socialising and becoming chummy with work-mates isn’t for everyone, but making that escape from your screen to refresh your mind and enjoy your lunch break will be beneficial for your relationships at work, and your concentration for when you eventually return to your desk, after giving your mind and eyes a rest.

Enjoying your food at your desk also leads to the inevitable; mess. Especially if you’re struggling through your to-do list at the same time and your attention isn’t fully on your food - crumbs, spillages, litter and the strong smell from that one guy who decided egg sandwiches were a good idea will entail, cluttering your desk and becoming a distraction. A messy work-station is a messy mind, and with the stench of that sandwich, your productivity won’t be at its best.

So, while staying glued to your office chair while chomping on your lunch will allow you to continue working, it’s most beneficial to prise yourself away and enjoy a dedicated lunch time. There’s a strong argument that it really is best for your productivity, cleanliness, relationships and health. 

Laura Sewell

An aspiring journalist, Laura is our content writer intern.  Pop-punk gig-goer and drag queen enthusiast, Laura is working her way into the industry with an English A -Level and love of writing about anything and everything in tow.
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