With modern technologies making us more connected than ever before, an increasing number of people are now working from their own homes. However, with important documents and expensive electrical equipment lying around the room, a home office can pose a potential hazard to curious children if proper precautions are not taken. So, for those of you juggling your profession alongside the task of parenting, we’ve catalogued a few pieces of key advice to help you ensure that your documents, equipment, and most importantly, your child, are kept safe.

Cover Electrical Sockets

The first bit of advice given when someone hears you’re expecting a child, or already have a baby in the home, but for good reason. Small children are curious by nature, and if they manage to get at an exposed electrical socket, the results may be disastrous.

Secure Loose Wires

Loose and trailing wires pose both a tripping and choking hazard to small children, and that is not a risk you want to take. Use cables ties to secure unused lengths of wire and secure trailing cables to the ground and/or walls.

Password Protect Your Computer

Many a file has been lost as a result of a playful child at the keyboard of an unsecured computer. As such, locking your computer with a password is less about the safety of your child and more about your personal sanity at the end of a 3-hour-stint writing reports. Nonetheless, it’s an important step in childproofing your home office.

Secure Cabinets

Securing your cabinets will not only help you to keep important items and documents safe, but will also protect your child from heavy falling items and the surprisingly-common event of small fingers getting trapped in doors.

Store Dangerous Supplies and Important Documents Out of Reach

The now-secure cabinets we took care of in the previous section are the ideal home for important documents and potentially-dangerous supplies such as staplers. Innocent office supplies can become harmful weapons in the hands of a young and curious child unaware of the risk. Lock them away or store them high out of reach, ensuring they are not at risk of falling of course.

Lock the Door when Out of the Office

A lock on your office door is a good idea; however I would not advise locking yourself away in your office away from your child if you are the only caregiver present. If another parent or carer is present and you need a little privacy for an important call, you may be thankful for that lock, but the primary purpose here is to secure your office when it is not in use, preventing the potential havoc of a hyperactive child let loose in your office.

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