Visuals away from your computer screen can be beneficial for a number of ways; as well as giving your eyes a rest, and it gives a new perspective, allowing potential collaboration among employees in an office. Whether it’s via stationary, whiteboards, flip-boards or pin-boards, all can strike up new ideas and a space away from the glowing computer screen. A growing trend which eliminates the need for extra pieces of equipment in the office is functional paints, which can turn entire walls into whiteboards or magnetic surfaces.

Whiteboards are perfect for things like mind-maps and collaborative thinking. You could go for whiteboard paints instead of the hassle of a smaller whiteboard on stilts that can wobble and not be seen by all. Larger mounted ones can look also corporate and ugly with aluminium frames. 

Painting a whole wall with the paint – available in white as standard, or clear to layer on a different-coloured wall - it gives a blank and very large canvas to write ideas on.  The look of the large blank canvas looks modern and contemporary, and is very functional for large groups who wish to collaborate on plans or ideas.

Whiteboard walls are also great for home-offices, as they allow the space to be multi-functional if needed. Again, you don’t need the extra pieces of equipment, being space-saving, as well as being able to wipe off scribbles if the space needs to be used as a living area etc.

Magnetic paint is also a brilliant idea to save putting up pin-boards or excessively using post-it notes. Again, being space-saving, it’s perfect for collaboration and ideas sharing. Pinning up documents or images can create huge mood-boards, for inspiration, or even pinning up photos of employees at events or in the office to create a sense of community.

Many whiteboard paints combine the two and are also magnetic, so being multi-functional can be even more beneficial for an office. Pinning up documents or images with magnets is one thing, being able to annotate those documents with whiteboard pens on the same surface is a perfect step up; the magnetic, whiteboard wall is a great tool for groups to collaborate, or even individuals for independent, mind-mapping work.

So, with something as simple as paint when looking at interior design in an office space, you can really create a functional and modern-looking feature of a wall. Most kits come with all relevant equipment to make application an easy process to give the most seamless results. Despite the kits being slightly on the pricey side in terms of paint, starting at around £99 and increasing depending on square feet required, the investment is worth it for collaborative working, away from the typical meeting room or desk.

Laura Sewell

An aspiring journalist, Laura is our content writer.  Pop-punk gig-goer and drag queen enthusiast, Laura is working her way into the industry, with an English A -Level and love of writing about anything and everything in tow. 
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