A bog-standard desk is normally efficient and organised, consisting of a screen, mouse, mouse-mat and keyboard - typically. But there are lots of ergonomic desk accessories on the market to increase comfort and productivity.

Mouse mats
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A mouse mat is essential for most, to enable smoother and easier mouse-usage, also protecting the surface below it. You can go for a fun colourful one, including an inspiring or funny quote, or perhaps having an image of your favourite cartoon or celebrity. There are loads of options, shapes and designs on the market – go for whatever you fancy.

You could raise your mouse-mat game by going for one with a padded area, as a support for your wrist, which many find overall more comfortable to use, increasing the efficiency of mouse-use further.

Ergonomic Keyboards

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Most keyboards for office-use tend to be similar, with the standard key layout and nothing too flashy –the flashier more advanced types are reserved for PC gamers. However ergonomic keyboards are available, with abstract layouts with a purpose to improve hand and wrist comfort, to make wrist and arm positioning more natural for long periods of working time.

Wrist Supports
Sometimes designed into an ergonomic keyboard, there are gel or memory-foam supports available to buy to alter wrist and hand position when using a keyboard. When bought alone, they’re pretty cheap and can be found on websites like eBay or specialist office accessory websites. They can be placed in-front of your standard keyboard, or even in-front of a standard mouse-mat to supply comfort where needed.

Seat Cushions

For those concerned about posture or overall comfort, ergonomic desk chairs are available in a variation of styles. If you wish to keep the design on the office space uniform, with the aim to keep all chairs of the same design, there are additional seat cushions which you can add to existing, standard office chairs to battle posture problems.

Some are designed to be sat on top of, and others are great for putting behind you on your seat. These can be angled to focus on posture, or padded in a certain way to both promote good posture and movement/pelvic exercises to keep you some-what active when working at your desk.  There are lots of types available, most easy to clean and with covers available to buy to alter the material you’re sitting on, again for comfort.

Foot Rests

Not for everyone, but foot rests can be a great option for some. They’ll ease the pressure on your feet and change the angle of your feet when sat, which may be more comfortable. Also available are ones which promote movement, e.g. ones with a spongy surface, which will promote better circulation when sitting for a long period of time. Of course, it’s advised to take short walking breaks away from your desk anyway, but other ways to keep active while sitting can’t be a bad thing.

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