When it comes to selecting a new office building, one of the most influential factors is location. Do your workers draw motivation from busy concrete streets or does solace stem from the quietude of the rolling country? Correct location is the key to a happy and contented workforce. That’s not to say that the employees should be in charge of choosing the next office space, but worker preference does come into play. 

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A team of accountants, plagued by stress over tax season and slight boredom during the rest of the year, may find the unfettered landscape of the countryside a welcome respite from the heave-and-ho of daily stress. For those with artistic inclinations, architects for example, a rural setting helps them to readily tap into their creativity. It’s something to do with being removed from the functionality of city life. People who retreat to country manors or hillside hideaways crave solitude. It does the soul good to be enmeshed in nature rather than people. A stressful metropolis is the furthest thing from happiness for people who enjoy isolation.

There’s no better time than now to be searching out unique office spaces in rural areas. Farming has enjoyed technological and procedural advancement in the last few decades rendering certain aspects of the industry obsolete. Buildings that are stood on land once dedicated to food production or farming are being converted into modern spaces – cottages for tourists and commercial buildings for businesses. Re-purposing old barns into office buildings can grant its occupants an innate sense of individualism and pride for their organisation. Branding becomes much more exciting when you’re able to customise a one-of-a-kind space surrounded by gorgeous countryside.

Businesses that employ people who are constantly on the road will thoroughly appreciate the uncluttered aspect of the rural life. Getting out of the city at all can pose a challenge, especially during rush hour. It tacks on unnecessary driving time and makes for irritable employees. The complete lack crowding in rural areas makes it easy to navigate commutes and access major roads. An added bonus, countryside offices have ample parking and can be counted on for bigger spaces.

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The downsides to country offices include being subjected to tumultuous weather and the scarcity of potential employees. City offices are surrounded by buildings which automatically cushion them from whipping winds and heavy storms. Meanwhile, rural offices are often standalone buildings without anything to break the wind. Rural offices can find it difficult to source qualified people simply on the basis of location. People are not easily persuaded to commute when they’re located in the city, and it can be hard to keep people long-term if the office is too far away. Additionally, internet speed in rural areas may not be up to par with urban locations, though that is supposed to be remedied in the near future.

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