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Fitwel, an organisation which promotes itself as providing “a cost-effective, high impact, health-promoting building certification”, has up until very recently only given such a certification to buildings within the US and Canada. Now, Integral Group, or more specifically their member company Elementa Consulting, have received the honour of the first ever Fitwel-certified building in Europe, joining the likes of Alexandria Real Estate, Menkes Developments, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as a Fitwel Champion.

According to Fitwel, those wishing to become a champion must have “committed to applying Fitwel’s design and operation strategies to all of a portion of their workplace portfolios. Fitwel Champions leverage the connection between design and policy strategies within buildings to impact occupant health.”

Although Integral Group only became a Fitwel Champion within the past two months, they already have a dozen trained Fitwel Ambassadors working within the company. Fitwel Ambassadors are charged with being “well-versed on the evidence-based connection between design and health and have a clear understanding on how to integrate Fitwel’s strategies within buildings.”

Ambassadors can also navigate the Fitwel Digital Scorecard to assist companies track progress and attain Fitwel certification.

Utilising the knowledge of these ambassadors, the company were able to quickly implement Fitwel-inspired strategies and practices, securing a “2-star” Fitwel rating for their London office in the process.

The office scored 188 points out of a possible 144 on the official Fitwel scorecard, and was subsequently awarded a 2-star Fitwel Certificate by Joanna Frank, Executive Director for the Center for Active Design (CfAD).

“Today is an important milestone for Fitwel and Integral Group,” says Joanna Frank. “There is a growing recognition that where we live and work has a dramatic impact on our health. By implementing Fitwel’s evidence-based strategies, Integral is leading the transformation of workplaces and demonstrating that Fitwel is an achievable goal for all.

“Integral can be proud of their 2-Star Fitwel rating, a significant achievement that demonstrates a holistic approach to health.”

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