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How does your office reflect your company? Branding of an office space can be anything from large logo signs to colour-complimenting pens and coasters; however an office is branded, and to whichever extent, it’s important when designing your space to paint the desired picture of the company.

Here are some tips and tricks for effective office branding.

Defining your brand

Deciding how to brand the space can sometimes be tricky. It’s like when you’re asked to give interesting facts about yourself; describing something that you’re so familiar with should be easy but sometimes it can leave you stumped.

Office Genie recommends doing your own research on what’s already out there in terms of your company’s branding. Looking at the company’s website is an easy way to see how the brand already promotes itself. Job adverts and detailed vacancies are also helpful, as there’s often a description of the job, the company and its values when reaching out for new employees.

Asking employees and anyone else involved in the company for their input may also be helpful; combining people’s ideas and perspectives is likely to create a space where everyone is happy and able to work productively.


Img: Woodalls Design
Colours you’re surrounded by can affect the way you work. It’s important to choose colours that reflect your brand. As reported by the American Express Open Forum, different colours can give off different energies about the brand; “to give a sense of high energy, use orange, red or yellow. Green is associated with nature, growth and freshness. To communicate stability, trust or loyalty, use blues. And if power, ambition, wealth and luxury are your goals, then use some purple. White is the colour of perfection, purity and cleanliness—it’s a terrific foundation for just about any space. If you want to communicate power or mystery, use a lot of black.”

Balance and intensity is also important. Hints and touches may work well for an understated look, but then a vibrant and bold space may suit a different company. Lego offices are multi-coloured and vibrant with partitions made of Lego, and bright areas for visitors and children – it’s whatever suits the brand in question which will work best.


Plastering your company’s logo everywhere may not be the most effective or well-thought-out branding technique, but nonetheless, logos are important. The use of logos on stationary, walls, and windows promote a sense of uniformity. This is beneficial for employees as well as clients and visitors, portraying professionalism, the space is likely to be respected and admired.

A custom-made company pen or coaster may not seem important, but often it’s the little things that show the attention to detail in the company, drawing attention to the high quality and attention to detail in the services they actually provide.

Embrace your Location

Img: Woodalls Design
If you’re a company with multiple branches, take note of the city or town each branch is located in. Perhaps add related imagery or design to make the branch individual and relevant. For example, London offices could include company posters or murals of the city sky-line, whereas a branch on the outskirts of a city may have hints of design relating to the countryside, with plants and greenery dotted about.

Be Relevant to your Company

As previously mentioned, how an office space is branded is down to the individual company. Putting your product, or objects/tools related to the services you provide, into the office space itself is a great idea. This makes employees more familiar with the brand, products and services, as well as presenting the company as an active and practical one.

For example, if the company sells or promotes health food and drinks, provide them in the offices. Some of Virgin Atlantic’s communal spaces resemble airport viewing decks, and the Lego example from earlier is also relevant here.

Any inspirations the company may have are also great to incorporate into office design. Being an office design company themselves, Woodalls Design includes a page on their website showing their favourite places, and how they are influenced by them. Sharing this is a way to promote how the company research and put thought into their work, through combining their inspirations and own ideas.

A Round-up…

To conclude, however it’s done, the branding of any office space plays a huge part in how the company comes across to everyone involved. Striking the balance with colour, themes, logos and everything in between makes each office space unique and perfect for each individual company.

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