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To achieve a polished look without much fuss, look no further than fabric. Textile art does not enjoy the same popularity as traditional décor (i.e. paintings, canvas prints), but it is a cost efficient and easy solution to empty walls.

Fabric is extremely affordable in comparison to artwork. No matter how inexpensive the artwork, even second-hand pieces tend to cost more than a yard of fabric. The scope of the project can be tailored to suit the budget. It is quite possible to go for cheap materials to save money; but for a polished end product that will stand the test of time, look for fabric of quality. Regardless of the budget or fabric quality, the finished pieces will come out looking professional as long as care is taken while making them.

It’s a breeze to find patterned and coloured fabrics because beautiful textiles are by no means confined to the craft/fabric store. The perfect fabric may jump out unexpectedly, found in a table runner or tea towel. It’s time you stopped spending money on clothing that has a hole in the armpit by the end of the year. Rather than purchase cheap clothing for yourself, use those fabrics to beautify blank wall space.

Instead of having to search high and low for complimentary artwork, this project allows you to customise artwork for your particular space. Keep an eye out for material that draws you in. It’s important to choose fabrics that are pleasing and work for the intended space. The options for this project are endless.

Unlike the flat surface created by two dimensional arts, fabric creates unique texture and adds visual interest. The beauty of this project is that the fabric hangings can be created in virtually any size.

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Choose canvases to fit the intended space:

- Using an even number of the same size canvases with different fabrics will look polished but still gives the opportunity to offer a lot of visual contrast.

- Choosing pairs of different sized canvases and a larger one to serve as the focal point can play into kitschy décor or present a refined progression of colours and patterns.

- For those who are really keen on crafting, frames can be added to the final product, giving it a rather sharp finish.

The fabric hunt is just the beginning. If the fabric canvases will be placed in a communal area, working together on the canvases can turn into a fun group activity. Is the space glaringly absent of any bold patterns? Maybe it needs unity, so go for cooling colours and patterned solids.

For a step-by-step tutorial, visit Brit+Co.

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