When planning your new office space, or simply improving an existing one, there are plenty of additions both big and small that you make which could have a surprisingly substantial impact on your workforce and business as a whole. One often-overlooked yet important feature is plant life, which has more benefits than you likely realise. So, how could the addition of a few plants help your office to function at peak performance?

Reduced Stress

According to a study conducted in 2010, the addition of plants to the office significantly reduces stress levels amongst staff. In fact, the study states that plants could reduce tension and anxiety by up to 37%, depression by 58%, anger and hostility by 44% and fatigue by 38%. As such, this is one benefit it may be foolish to overlook.

Cleaner Air

It’s no secret that plants in the environment have an effect on the surrounding air, but the scale of their impact on air quality may still surprise you. With a ratio of 1 plant per three employees, CO2 levels can be reduced by up to 50% while dust levels could drop by 20%. IF correctly placed, they can also result in a 20% increase in humidity, lessening the need for air conditioning units, which will help to prevent minor illnesses such as coughs.

Reduced Sickness/Absence

Employees being absent from work costs you not only financially, but also in terms of productivity as other staff struggle to juggle the now-increased workload. If this happens often, it can be a substantial drain on staff and resources. Fortunately, the introduction of plants to the office environment has been shown to reduce absenteeism by up to 50% and could save you a fortune in the long run.

Reduced Noise

A lesser known benefit but still worth mentioning is the impact that plants can have on ambient noise, which can be highly distracting to staff, reducing productivity and increasing stress as a result. Plants can reduce this by up to 5 decibels and allow your workforce to concentrate.

Increased Productivity

There have been numerous studies into the effects of plant life on office productivity, which have proven their benefit in terms of improving concentration and focus, as well as performance during cognitive tasks. In a plant-filled office, tasks are completed faster with fewer mistakes made. This, along with the various benefits previously mentioned, leads to a surge in productivity; this will of course have a positive effect on all areas of your business.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor in an attempt to expand his horizons.
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